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New Album by Speaks Dapallo "Knight and Day Difference"


Knight and Day Difference

New Hip-Hop artist Speaks Dapallo, born Dylan Moore of Los Angeles, completed and released his first album March 31st, 2018. The name Speaks was given to him by a childhood friend who said he would always speak the truth in his verses. The name Dapallo came from one of Moore’s favorite student’s last name. They would always be bound together through music by adding Dapallo as part of his artist alias.

Speaks Dapallo’s brand new album titled “Past 2 Years: Knight & Day Difference” is a refreshing plethora of different musical styles within Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B.  The album expresses the duality of mankind and touches on some controversial and relatable issues.  He explains, “we all want to do the right thing, but the other side of us opposes good decisions.”  His creative taste, texture, and style grips fans from across the globe wanting more!

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